Welcome to Big Hat Bar-B-Q Smokers and Grills

 Big Hat Smoker and Grills is once again doing what no one else in the industry is doing.

We have improved on what we felt was already the finest offset smoker made. In order to create a cooking experience unlike any other we redesigned the main chamber of our pit to provide a bigger cooking surface, easier access and perfect heat and smoke flow.  The new fully formed main cooking box (not pipe) creates a clean transition from the firebox through to the upright smoke box.

There was a reason we started our original Big Hat with pipe, because that’s the way every other smoker builder started.  Thinking “outside the pipe” and using our traditional gas grills as a vision we redesigned the Big Hat Smoker and Grill into the most user friendly heavy duty pit ever built.  No one until now has taken the time to test and research and commit hours of trial and error shop time to develop a smoker that looks and cooks better than any other ever made.